Saturday, May 12, 2012

7 Weeks Along

Well Ive attended two prenatal yoga sessions now and alls I can say is Im a bit rusty on core strength.  Granted I have never done yoga in any sense before, so this is all drastically new to me, but I had little idea of just what was in store.  My ADD doesnt allow me to enjoy the 'breathing' parts of class, which for prenatal'ers includes the use of mats to lay down and 'relax your eyes' for about 5 minutes.  Clearly you are supposed to let your mind be free of thought and concentrate on your breathing.  I, however, cannot seem to accomplish this as my mind floats from thought to thought - primarily focusing on what I am going to eat next...  Overall, I can see the benefit of doing the yoga - both for stretching and strengthening the body.  I look forward most to the Wednesday evening classes, as I already determined that is going to be my 'date night' out.  I am going to stop in at my favorite restaurant, which is near the studio, and treat myself to dinner out!  Woohoo! Oh the little things that make me happy!  Nothing has developed prego wise.  Still not feeling sick or any 'bad' symptoms.  I have noticed an excessive amount of dreams at night which Ive seen from everyone that that is pretty common for some reason.  My energy level is up and good as Im walking about 5 - 6 miles a day.  I have on rare occasion taken a short catnap, just about 30 minutes, but it feels good. I dont think that is prego related, just me wanting to snooze for a minute or two!  So far no real cravings or aversions to positively identify but I have had a thing for healthy snacks: salads & veggies w/ dip.  So far so good in this journey.  I cant help but think Ive been given a gift of an easy **knock of wood** pregnancy as a small repayment for the gift I am giving to the BDs...  I believe strongly in fate so that is what I am sticking with!  Our next appointment is this upcoming Friday where I will get another ultrasound & a full gynecological exam.  Until then... just lounging & baking the baby!

No real baby bump yet!  A picture from this week, only 7 weeks along...


  1. You're a lucky lady to not have any morning sickness (so far). Hope it stays that way and you can enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest!

  2. Give yourself some time to adjust to all of the yoga practices. I found it kinda weird at first...and definitely hard to turn off the brain, but you'd be surprised how much that changes when you stick with it. I loved my prenatal yoga. And I'm liking your idea of date night! I'm going to have to give that at try myself! :)

    Glad to hear you're doing and feeling well! That's wonderful! Can't wait for next ultrasound!

  3. Thanks for the positive thoughts & words of inspiration regarding yoga! Im gonna stick it out and see just how much in the 'zone' I can get! SOLO DATE NIGHTS ARE THE BEST!!