Monday, May 7, 2012

Seems like all I do is wait...

I had no idea just how stressful & how much patience I would need for this pregnancy...  It seems like all I do is deal with two week waits.  Although there is absolutely no indication anything is wrong - heck, I was just at the doctor on Friday and had great news from the ultrasound - I find myself now anxious for the next checkup & ultrasound on 18 May.  I know this is what everyone feels during the first trimester, but for some reason, I thought I would just skip over all this and just truly embrace being pregnant.  Instead, what I find is that I keep saying to myself, "oh I will feel much better once we get to the second...third...fourth beta...first ultrasound -- now the 2nd ultrasound."  I keep delaying my moment of embracing pregnancy UNTIL ________ (fill in the blank).  I THINK once I get to my 2nd trimester, then I will feel more relaxed.  So far **knock on wood** still no morning sickness or extreme exhaustion or such.  The only 'symptoms' I have is that my face is more rough (almost pimples) than normal and my body size is changing.  I dont know about actual weight gain but I have noticed that my pants are a bit tighter in the hip area.  My clothes still fit relatively well in the waist area but are a little tight around my hip bone area.  So intrigued to see how my body is going to change - hopefully for the better - during and at the end of the process!  Wednesday is my first prenatal yoga class and Im excited but yet nervous. I have never done yoga before so this could be interesting...


  1. Most surrogates that I've seen say they worry more than during their own pregancies. I agree!

  2. Not sure how early they work but Tonya (Babydreams2011) got a home doppler to listen to the heartbeat anytime she wanted. I wish I had thought of that in the first trimester!