Friday, May 4, 2012

First Ultrasound

We nicknamed our anonymous donor, "Miss Singleton" because we had said all along the way, "we only need one, we only need one."  It was a close call there for a bit and she appeared to have taken her name seriously when she only gave us THREE eggs total from retrieval, but you know what?? We only needed ONE!  And today at our first ultrasound, we have confirmation of our ONE!  One baby in there with its heart beat flickering!  Everything looked great from what the doctor could see today.  Our next u/s will be in 2 more weeks, which will put me at 8 weeks along.  Until then I was given clearance to begin prenatal yoga and simply continue as Ive been doing. Which has been super easy so far as I have still not experienced a lick of pregnancy symptoms.  I have read on some of you girls' blogs that the nausea set in around 6 weeks which I'm at now so maybe it will kick in or maybe I wont experience it at all.  Time shall tell!

I took a picture of my belly yesterday which was exactly at my 6 week mark.  I decided 6 weeks seems to be the good starting point of taking weekly belly shots so I can monitor my growth. I will admit, I am so excited to see my belly grow into a true belly bump.  Last night as BD1 was giving me my prog shot, BD2 commented, "OMG, you totally already have a baby bump!"  Unfortunately, I had to explain to him that my belly is 'skewed' by the time the evening comes (this was after 9pm) and it was only bloat.  I then showed them the belly picture I took in the morning and they were shocked just how much bloat can occur by the end of the day!  One of these days Ill wake up with the belly bump and it will stay for the day!  I needed to gain weight when this journey started as I was about 10 lbs underweight due to stress of my job in D.C. and not eating good nutritious meals.  Thanks to BD2's cooking, I put on the 10 lbs in the few weeks leading up to and immediately after the transfer.  My weight has stabilized in the last two weeks so Im going to start the "official baby weight gain" from the point Im at now - a nice healthy weight that I was back in the stress free days of life -college, ha!

                                                 So my 6 week shot in a tanktop & shorts!


  1. Congrats!! Seeing the heartbeat is so amazing. I'm sitting here eating chocolate chip cookies while I read this. Guess I'll put the second one back:)

  2. What? NO! Eat the 2nd one for me. We are currently out of sweets in the house... BDs are going to get their butt chewed out for this catastrophe :-)

  3. Hurray for a heartbeat! Huge milestone. Congrats.

  4. Yay for seeing the heartbeat and congrats on one little baby getting cozy in there!!

  5. Wonderful news!! Congratulations!!!

    And oh my your flat belly is a thing of beauty! it won't stay that way for long : )



  6. Thanks all for the nice thoughts! And regarding the belly... by the evening it appears Ive gained a few months in the pregnancy, haha.

  7. Thanks for sharing the great news!
    Have a Suneday!
    Carly ( intended mother expecting twins!)

  8. I thought I had commented already! Huge congrats on ONE baby! That's fantastic news! :)