Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And we have movement...

I figure at this point, three days in a row can not be a jinx or coincidence...rather I might be on to something.... Sunday morning, BD1 & I went out to breakfast with BD1's papa and I had good old fashion oatmeal and a cup of decaf coffee.  Nothing crazy but different than my standard peanut butter toast & cup of decaf tea that I have had consistently, every morning for the last 4 weeks.  And shortly after breakfast, we had movement... Yes you have got to know what Im talking about by now... (think about it relating to constipation...) So yesterday I went to the store and bought instant oatmeal and had a bowl of that and cup of decaf coffee for breakfast.  Success again!  And yes, today, day 3 of my trial also followed up with success.  Which makes sense due to coffee being something that has always kept me regular in the past. Im not sure why I ever switched to tea anyways because Im totally a coffee drinker.  But LADIES! IM ON TO SOMETHING!!  OATMEAL & CUP OF DECAF COFFEE!!  DO IT!


  1. lol -- when I read your post headline I though baby movement, and I am thinking "um..so soon?"

    Oatmeal is the best. I eat it everyday and add some fruit and walnuts for protein. Its a great way to start the day. I do the old fashioned kind which takes a while to cook though.

    BTW -- peanut butter toast and tea...sounds like my Sat moring breakfast :-)

  2. Hah! I actually also put pecans in my oatmeal! Although, I am not patient enough to make the real kind of oatmeal - but that is so much better! I do miss my previous ritual of peanut butter toast, but not having the stomach aches is unfortunately more important at this point!