Monday, April 30, 2012

Beta #4 - Reassurance

BD1 snuck a peek at my chart when the nurse was drawing my blood and noted that today's 4th Beta test was appropriately, officially named "Reassurance Check."  And actually our 3rd Beta we had last Wednesday was also a reassurance check, hah.  Basically we are such a pile of nerves during this waiting period until our u/s on Friday that we have needed several of these checks to ensure our sanity.  Of course the lab took forever to get the results from my 7:45am blood draw, so they just called now, right around 4:30pm.  My number was 18,800 -meaning the number has been doubling every 64 hours which is fantastic because at this point with the last level being at 5200 normal is to double between 72 - 96 hours.  So all is going well!  Now just a few more days to countdown until Friday!!  I still am shocked that I have had absolutely zero pregnancy symptoms.  I wonder if they will kick in soon or if this is going to be a very easy trimester.  Since I havent had any other kids, I am not able to compare this experience to any other time.  The only uncomfortable thing I have experienced is the constipation.  My nurse said today that the prog shots are the biggest problem so hopefully once I get off the shots towards the end of my 1st trimester, it should get better.  In the meantime, after much great haggle and debate, I have gotten approval from BD1 to take Colace/Pericolace.  Our doctor swore it was safe to take for pregnancy, but it has been a debate because BD1 has been so concerned with any possible negative side effects of the fetus.  The doctor & I had to put him in reality check today when we explained that me being in pain and straining due to constipation is not humane nor safe in itself.  And I had to remind BD1 that the doctor does know best and if they say its safe, regardless of what nonsense one can find on the internet, than its safe to agree with doctor.  Phew!  Hopefully I can get some relief by getting more regular because as everyone knows... constipation pains can be crippling!


  1. Awesome beta!

    I love how they are BD1 and BD2...makes me feel like I'm reading a Dr. Seuss book! :)

    Sorry about the lack of poop (or at least the lack of getting the poop out). That's super uncomfortable.

  2. What an amazing thing you are doing. I'm curious, intrigued and delighted to follow along. Certainly a unique journey! Hat tip to the amazing Jeni for pointing out your blog!

  3. Thanks Jeni for the shoutout! Im glad to be a part of an amazing group of individuals!