Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where did my appetite go?

Where on earth did my ravenous appetite go? And where are all of the other pregnancy symptoms I should be expecting?  (secretly, I have been very excited about the crazy food cravings!)  This past week my appetite has dropped off.  Not that I am not hungry, because I am.  But I am no where craving the food I did a few weeks ago.  I think possibly all of the hormones are maybe starting to settle in to my body.  Even my emotions seemed to have leveled off.  Possibly my body took a bit to get used to all the progesterone I was suddenly getting every night with my shots.  The good things is that even when I am not hungry, if you put something appetizing in front of me, I will gladly eat it.  Although I have also noticed at times I am not able to eat as much as I would like. I think that is due to the constipation/gas thanks to the hormones!  I have increased my water intake, began walking daily and as of yesterday began eating prunes to help keep me regular.  There was quite a debacle with what I could/could not take for constipation.  Both things my doctor approved to take were told strictly by the pharmacy & internet research as "no-no's." Like many things in the pregnancy world, it seems you can get two different opinions about whether something is OK or not on just about anything.  So for now, I am going to just stick with the prunes and see if that helps.  Because BD1 is highly anxious and a worrywart, we talked the doctors into allowing us to have a 3rd Beta level check, so tomorrow morning we are going in just to ensure the number is rising as it should!  My first ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, 04 May.  I cannot wait for that first look inside of my belly!


  1. I lost 5lbs my first trimester... I think it was due to not drinking beer!

  2. Haha you are hilarious! I do miss adult beverages!!