Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beta #3

Its official, BD1 & I have zero ability to be patient.  So naturally we went in for a 3rd Beta level "just to make sure" all was well.  Despite asking the doctor three different times, by the time BD1 got off the phone, he couldn't quite remember the exact number but it was approximately 5200.  Our last beta was collected four days ago and it was at 971, so we are in the right range still!  Naturally BD1 convinced the doctor to let us come in AGAIN for a 4th reading this upcoming Monday.  I cant determine if these unnecessary checkups are good for us or bad... but regardless, it does feel pretty darn good once we get the results back! I am still not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms at this point so I am wondering when they will kick in.  I have done research and found a yoga studio that holds prenatal yoga classes.  I am totally going to sign up for them as all of my research indicates it is really good for both pregnancy as well as labor.  Our doctor suggested I wait until I get a good healthy heartbeat before starting the classes.  Hopefully we will get that strong heartbeat during our 1st ultrasound next Friday.  Nothing much overall to report although today I was quite lazy. Lack of energy, but I think that was just due to me deciding to have a lazy day!  Although I laid around for most of the morning and early afternoon, I did complete my afternoon & evening walk, so I suppose I wasn't too worthless.  It appears that possibly my body has adjusted to the rage of hormones that quickly entered my body; ie, the progesterone. It appears I have stopped growing with more bloat and my emotions have evened out.  Everything is smooth sailing!


  1. Hi Jessica, thanks for leaving a commnet on my blog. Congrats on the BFP and growing beta numbers. You are doing an awesome thing for your friends. And you life story is pretty amazing!

  2. Congrats on the great beta numbers! Good luck with your ultrasound. That was the longest wait for me. Glad you get to keep repeating your betas in the meantime.