Monday, April 16, 2012

Moment of Relief

Through all of my internet research I had learned that 8 days after a 3-day transfer, if an embryo had implanted then this would be the first day that you would would start secreting the hcg hormones used to test for pregnancy. So naturally... I took a HPT and to my utter amazement it was POSITIVE!  I have had all sorts of symptoms over the last week and noticeably yesterday I was extremely moody.  I noticed myself tearing up about three times throughout the day and just feeling over all "different."  But I have been so scared about not getting too excited for something that may not happen that I was absolutely in shock when I saw the results of the pregnancy stick.  I have placed a call into our nurse asking her opinion on whether or not I should let the BDs know at this point.  I figured that I should 'maintain' atleast this positive pregnancy through Thursday when I am going in for my 1st set of bloodwork but BD1 is so terrified of jinxing anything that he simply does not want to even mention the word baby.  I would be devastated if I got their hopes up without cause, so I am waiting to hear back from the doctor about his recommendation.  I know that we are not "out of the clear" until we hear the baby's heartbeat during the first ultra sound which wont be for a few weeks still, but I am allowing myself to become a little bit more excited and optimistic that I could actually be having a baby for these guys! I did research on attending prenatal yoga classes and I think that is something I would really enjoy doing both for physical benefits and mental benefits!  That is something else on the "ask a doctor" list.  I am most definitely going to be playing by all the rules for the next 9 months! This baby is far too special (and expensive!!) to do anything else other than what is absolutely safe!

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