Saturday, April 21, 2012

2nd Beta!!

Both BDs joined me today for my second HCG blood work appointment.  The nurse told us that she would give us a call TOMORROW with the results as the doctors office closes shop at 10am and the results would not be back from the lab until 1pm.  BD1 politely let her know that tomorrow would simply no do!  We are way too high maintenance and worrisome to wait that long for results! Quite ridiculous if you ask me that anybody would be able to wait another day for the results. The doctor's office must know just how panicky all of us are at this stage.  Thankfully, the nurse was nice enough about our polite demand and stated she would have the lab call her personally with the results and then she would call us.  1pm the phone rings and its the nurse.... Results in: 971!!!  Definitely more than the 70% increase that our doctor was looking for.  Makes me scared that there is like 14 babies in my tummy!  We already forewarned the office that there was no way we would be able to last the full two weeks until our first ultrasound so we asked if we could come in for blood work mid week.  Thankfully, they are more than happy to take our money :-)   At this point, still no symptoms or side effects from the actual pregnancy (nausea, food cravings/aversions, etc).  Just a very swollen belly & thighs likely from the progesterone - yuck.  I have been walking everyday which makes me feel better mentally & physically.  But overall, I think I am just going to blow up with the progesterone and there is not much I can do about that.  I wish my belly was from the baby already and not the meds!  I cant wait for a true baby belly!

PS.  If anyone is reading this that has their blog published online or such, could you give me advice for how to get more followers? I would love to be more interactive with other women so I can bounce my questions off those who are experiencing things ahead of me!


  1. I don't even allow my blog to show up through a web search, so the only way I gained followers was by people finding me as a blog other people followed. So I don't have any advice except to be patient. If you find surrogacy boards, you may be able to post a link to your blog and get people that way too. Good luck and congrats on a great second beta!

  2. Thanks Jen for the advice! Looks like everything I have done (random google searches and scrolling through blogs to come across ones to follow - ie, YOURS!!) is the right approach for this! It is so nice to be able to communicate with individuals this way!

  3. Ok honey, you asked for it! :) "Featured Blog" Post comin' right up!