Friday, April 13, 2012

The dreaded two week wait...

I was approved medically in January 2012 to be a surrogate for the BDs.  It is now 13 April 2012 and I have entered into what is known as the dreaded 2ww in the fertility world!  Two weeks after you go through the embryo transfer to see if you are pregnant.  Doctors will not do the first pregnancy test until two weeks after the transfer, so pretty much you just sit around waiting and thinking about the best case (baby) and worst case (no baby).  It is truly dreadful. Although at this point, the three of us are so fortunate even to be at this stage as we had quite a scare during the process.  We named our donor, "Miss Singleton" because we just need ONE SINGLE embryo to implant and thus grow into a baby.  Boy, we were definitely cutting it close on that one.  Miss Singleton was described as "pokey" during the process.  She was a first time donor for our doctors, which was kind of fitting in a sense considering she has never donated eggs before & I have never had a baby before.  "Pokey" terrified BD1 who is most definitely a Type-A, worry-wart.  He has been careful not to even use the word "baby" yet because he doesnt want to get his hopes up that this will all work out and result in a baby.  We found out that Miss Singleton was about 4 days behind the doctor's original schedule because she was not progressing as quickly as expected.  Not great news, but not terrible news.  Things improved and eventually the doctor felt comfortable giving her the trigger shot as he saw enough growth to determine there would be about 10 mature eggs for retrieval.  8 days ago, I was sitting on the couch when BD1 walked in from work in the middle of the day with tears streaming down his face. Terrible news he said, they did the retrieval and after looking at the eggs up close later, they only retrieved THREE mature eggs.  THREE.  Which is extremely low.  Our hopes were crushed as we still needed the eggs to fertilize and the odds were not with us that we could even get one fertilized egg.  We would know more in 24 hours... Well we got the call from the doctors the following day with miraculous news.  All three eggs had fertilized!  Absolutely unheard of!  Looks like Miss Singleton was going to pull through for us after all.  The doctor chose a 3-day transfer due to the low amount of eggs retrieved so I went in for my transfer this past Sunday, Easter 2012.  Five days later I have read every single blog there could be on pregnancy and embryos and pre-pregnancy symptoms, anything and everything you could think of!  Of course, I already decided that I am going to take a HPT (home pregnancy test) tomorrow, even though it is extremely early.  Why?  Because I know its likely too early to take a test with effective results, but by chance, it comes back positive, I will be elated. If its negative, I can just chalk it up to being too early to test!  The thought of waiting 6 more days for my blood test with the doctors is killing me!  I have symptoms of early pregnancy but also realize the same symptoms can be from the progesterone shots that I am on.  Today was definitely an interesting 'google' search.  I noticed yesterday that I am extremely stuffy in my nose, which just came on all of a sudden. I thought, 'what the heck' so I searched "stuffy nose and pregnancy" and to my surprise, getting a stuffy nose is an early sign of pregnancy due to the change in hormones. And this was not found on a blog where anyone can write this stuff.. it was actually found on medical websites.  I decided tomorrow morning I will take the HPT... hope its surprisingly good news!

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