Thursday, April 19, 2012

A baby step forward (no pun intended)

Beta of 361!!  I am officially pregnant! But as you all know, there are plenty more hurdles in the upcoming weeks before there is really time to celebrate... at least by BD1 & my standards! We are extremely cautious about the pregnancy and do not want to get ahead of ourselves in any sense of celebration until it is truly time.  Which means.. waiting for our beta #2 blood work to be done on Saturday (two days of waiting, ugg) and then the fateful ultrasound after that. But of course, I feel happy to know my number is much higher than the 50 the doctors office was looking for.  Of course, one of the first thoughts through my mind was TWINS with that number, but my doctor actually said on the phone today that it is a myth to suspect multiples from a high beta count.  I have experienced no symptoms of pregnancy yet - to my surprise.  I am sure they will hit soon but for now the only negative symptoms I have experienced are from the months of hormones leading up to this day: swelling & weight gain!  I didnt think I would be gaining weight before getting pregnant, but I suppose thats part of this process!  So now just on to more waiting and waiting... I have been mentally and physically in a standstill for the last month and will be for the next 3 weeks until the ultrasound. I found a prenatal yoga class that I want to take three times a week for 'exercise' but I dont want to start that until after the ultrasound confirms a healthy pregnancy.  Until then, I have been going on daily walks around the neighborhood and doing some mild strength training exercises around the house for my legs as they have been most susceptible thus far with swelling. But I have the itch to do more, but I dont want to jinx anything at this point as apparently truly a month of lounging around has done wonders thus far!  In terms of writing my book, I havent gotten too much done lately either. I think about writing everyday but just have not quite had the motivation yet.  I keep putting it off for another day and instead find myself reading or watching television and daydreaming!  But sooner rather than later, I am going to get my butt into gear and pack up the laptop and head to the library and dedicate a few hours a day to writing.


  1. In general, I have to disagree with the doctor about the beta levels. If you check beta tracking sites, there is clearly a trend with the higher levels leaning towards multiples (yes, there are always outliers), but... You will know at that first ultrasound what is going on there. I had a pretty strong feeling that I had twins growing and I was right. I am excited to hear the results of that visit (and I promise you all can survive the wait even if it doesn't feel like it.

  2. I, like you, am suspicious that a large beta level indicated multiples! We all spent SO MUCH time researching this stuff and everything Ive come across points towards higher levels = multiples...but we shall see in a few weeks!